Month: July 2016

The Setup

After two years of committee meetings, a congregational vote, and plenty of consultations with experts and city officials the First Congregational Church of Long Beach is beginning its exterior facade restoration project!


The east (Cedar St.) facade where work will begin

This is the most extensive work done since the old building was retrofitted in 1988. It will involve removing all of the stained glass panes in the rose window, filling all of the cracks in the terracotta, replacing all of the damaged bricks, and re-pointing the mortar


Detail photo taken from a boom lift

The stained glass removal kicks off the project. It is very important that the fragile glass is out before work on the surrounding terracotta and brickwork begins. The glass panes will be carefully cleaned then removed from the inside using specialized tools and labor.


Interior of east rose window

It sounds easier than it actually is. In order to even begin working on the glass panels Mike and his trusty team has to relocate existing pews made of solid mahogany (very heavy!). After removing the pews, a flat platform must be built on the sloping grade of the balcony for the scaffolding to be erected from. Once the scaffolding is erected the windows will be removed, one pane at a time!

Scaffolding Setup 7.21.16_07

Relocated pews

Scaffolding Setup 7.21.16_10

Beginnings of a stable platform

Scaffolding Setup 7.22

Fully erected scaffolding