Since the placement of the steel window armature, the work continues. At this time, we can see the end in sight!

What has been done:

  • Stainless steel anchors with epoxy resin were placed around the entire stainless steel window frame to secure it to the wall.
  • Brick replacement and repointing continued.
  • Custom made terra cotta from Darwen Terracotta and Faience was secured to the outside of the armature. Special attention was paid to the waterproofing sealant applied between the terra cotta, stained-glass and leaded solder.
  • The wood tracery of the inside of the window was reassembled and put back into place.
  • The leaded glass lites of the Rose Window were installed, making sure corrections were made to areas that previously did not have sufficient anchoring of the stained glass to the tracery.
  • Examination of the 3 tilt-and-turn lites in the Rose Window showed their latches were too stiff. There was concern that the excessive pressure needed to close them could cause damage. In the end, the lites were converted to be stationary.
  • Conservators from RLA Los Angeles worked on the repairs and inpainting of the window’s interior wood tracery.
  • Exploratory openings of the tower at the street level revealed that rainwater damage had led to corrosion of the metal supports and cracks of the structural columns and lintels. Examination of the lintels over the blind basement windows of the east facade also showed corrosion. These were either treated with waterproofing or replaced as needed. New bricks were placed where necessary and repointed.

What is next:

  • A granite replacement for the curb of the entrance will be made and placed.
  • Repairs to columns, their capitals and some areas of the brick work continue.
  • The fireproof and water-resistant insulation used on the interior scaffolding will be installed on top of the Sanctuary ceiling in the attic to improve heat insulation.
  • Repairs and replacements of some damaged street level terra cotta on the North facade will be done.

As we are approaching the conclusion of this project, we are grateful to all of our financial contributors. If you would like to donate, please visit the donation page of this website, or

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