Month: July 2018

What happened last year?

Wow, long time no post! Our team has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare for the east fa├žade renovation and this fall construction will begin! The Preservation Committee is so grateful for the support of the First Church community throughout this process. Here is the much-anticipated project update.

Last year:

  • Engineering simulations were run to calculate the strength required of the steel support frame to withstand the gravity, wind, and seismic loads.
  • Detailed construction drawings were produced detailing the current condition and the proposed changes we have made to the building.
  • The Navy Memorial Heritage Foundation generously granted the church a second award of $50,000 toward the replacement of the terra cotta around the east rose window.
  • The Preservation Committee secured a line of credit to cover future expenses, should they exceed our current funds or rate of fundraising.

Dead load analysis completed by Critical Structures Inc.

What is the Committee working on now?

  • A detailed project description is being sent out to potential contractors.
  • The city of Long Beach is reviewing the proposed project plans.
  • Candidates will be interviewed and given a tour of the church to inform their pricing.
  • Construction logistics are being planned around church scheduling.

What are the next steps?

  • A grant writer will be hired to help the project apply for funds on an ongoing basis, if you have any recommendations, please let anyone of the Preservation Team know.
  • Bids will be reviewed at the end of August.
  • The contracts will be awarded by early September.
  • A final construction schedule will be negotiated by the team.
  • Scaffolding will be erected on the east side in the early fall.
  • Project is expected to be completed early 2019.

How will construction impact the church?

  • The east rose window will be removed and the opening will be sealed for weather protection. The light will be blocked until the replacement terracotta is ready to be installed.
  • The parking spaces immediately in front of the church will be reserved for construction use, similar to across the street. The spaces in the Potholder lot will still be available, as well as the city and 3rd street lots.
  • Scaffolding will be erected on the exterior of the east side and the interior east sanctuary balcony. The sidewalk will be protected by a covered walkway. Street access through the coffin door, the east sanctuary balcony and the hallway behind the organ will be blocked off for construction access.

Thank you for your patience as we carefully plan the east side renovation. We are very excited to get this project underway and see positive changes to the exterior appearance of the church!